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Bioenergy Europe’s New Brochure: We are Renewable Energy Champions!

Bioenergy is a proud contributor to Europe’s excellence and is a committed champion in emission reduction, sustainable forest management, and air quality improvements while contributing to a green European economy.

Bioenergy Europe have launched a new brochure which presents our contribution to climate efforts, environment & biodiversity, innovation, and the EU economy.

We are active on many fronts:

  • We are CLIMATE champions: We help fight against climate change, we do it well, we do it sustainably.
  • We are SUSTAINABILITY champions: Using biomass for energy is helping ensure that European forests keep growing and promotes a circular economy.
  • We are INNOVATION champions: Our industry is in the driving seat to not only decarbonise our heat demand but also to improve air quality with ultra-low emission equipment, substituting fossil fuels/installations and old wood/fossil installations with modern biomass heating.
  • We are champions of the European ECONOMY: Bioenergy is a domestic European industry, supporting local economies and a key sector for Europe to achieve energy sustainability and independence.

Bioenergy has great potential in Europe and can become the #1 fuel to decarbonise a significant part of our remaining heat, electricity, and transport demand by 2050.

Download the full brochure

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