Sweden's electricity supply in 2013. Svebio calculation based on statistics from Sweden Energy Agency.


Electricity produced from biomass is called biopower. Biopower is today, after nuclear- and hydropower, the third largest source of electricity in Sweden. Compared to wind power bio-power is a three times as large source of electricity!
Biopower is produced by biomass, usually wood fuels, burning in a furnace connected to a boiler. This occurs in a CHP-plant. The heat generated is used to heat the water vapor which in turn makes the turbine rotate, and electricity can be generated. The excess heat is distributed through a district heating network to homes and industrial users. It is as easy as it sounds - Bioenergy delivers electricity and heat!
Svebio yearly produces a map over all the biopower production units in Sweden. The map from 2012 shows biopower production at 183 locations, and another 41 planned units. This included 84 CHP plants in district heating, 40 units in industries, and 59 small plants using biogas for electricity. 

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