Final domestic energy use in 2015. Svebio calculation based on Swedish Energy Agency forecasts.

Forestry, the Swedish way

Sveaskog has produced a number of good movies - All you need to know about how to take care of the forest in a sustainable way – in just six minutes! 

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  • Sveaskog has produced a number of interesting fact sheets:

    • The Climate Impact of Forest Biomass
    • Sustainable Forest Management (SFM)
    • Biomass removals from...

Did You know?

That the Swedish Bioenergy Association (Svebio) was founded in 1980, after the oil crisis in 1979. At that time bioenergy accounted for 10 % of the energy supply in Sweden. Bioenergy was not yet commercial and a major part of the bioenergy was used internally in the wood industry.

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