Svebio Fuel Market Day

Svebio Fuel Market Day


The Swedish Bioenergy Association (SVEBIO) welcomes participants, online and on-site, to the Svebio Fuel Market Day, September 30, 2024 in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Will there be enough biomass fuels in the coming winter and winters ahead?

  • What is the “new black” when it comes to market predictions when volatile electricity prices are expected to further dominate?

  • Can the bioenergy sector increase production, find new sourcing, and gain trust for further market expansion – also within the EU and the new Parliament and Commission?

  • How will new EU legislation impact both supply and logistic chains?

  • What can we expect about the upcoming heating fuel season?

Find out by joining the annual Svebio Fuel Market Day on September 30, 2024,in Stockholm, Sweden.


There is also the possibility for companies to have Mini-expo stands for networking and business contacts.

A net-working dinner will be arranged the day before the conference on September 29 (separate registration) for those of you enjoying lovely Stockholm during the weekend.

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