Advanced Biofuels Conference 2020

Advanced Biofuels Conference 2020

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Welcome to the Advanced Biofuels Conference
– capacity expansion with mega-projects!

Svebio invites delegates to the international 6th Advanced Biofuels Conference on 15-17 September, 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Advanced biofuels are essential for the European Union with the new Renewable Energy Directive from 2021 with goals for 2030. They are key with conventional biofuels in replacing fossil fuels. International development is booming with new mega-projects, many also for production of biojet fuels and bio-chemicals.

The conference will show latest developments in European and international policy, the transition from fossil to renewable fuels and new technologies, investments & partnerships. Leading companies will present solutions with current and new production of biofuels. In addition, the development in vehicles and clean biofuels like HVO100, bio-CNG, ethanol and methanol, and FAME to complement today’s biofuels blended with fossil fuels.

The conference will give you an update on the value of advanced biofuels and business opportunities in the new bioeconomy. You will meet and listen to leading international experts, take part in unique networking, interesting study visits and discussions on biofuels policy.

The Advanced Biofuels Conference is intended for people creating a sustainable transport sector. Speakers and delegates will be policy makers and politicians, leading scientists, researchers, engineers, as well as executives and representatives from companies and organizations. The conference will bring:

  • Two conference days, six sessions and some 30 high-level speakers covering land, aviation and maritime transport sectors for blended and high-concentrated biofuels.
  • Pre-conference study visit to the novel and innovative E.ON waste treatment and biogas plant including combined heat and power plant for a circular sustainable society.
  • Mini-expo with stands for networking and making business contacts.

For more information,  please contact the Conference Director, Mr Tomas Ekbom,
+46-8-441 70 83,

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Last year’s conference

“Thanks for putting together a very good and solid programme. It was excellent that you designed a positive programme which created a nice atmosphere. I enjoyed gaining new insight into several issues, and had good discussions with the participants. I was happy to see that many extremely relevant stakeholders were there.”
Marko Janhunen, Vice President, Stakeholder relations, UPM Biorefining

“Thank you and congratulations on a very informative conference! Your excellent conference certainly impressed me. Thanks again for being such an excellent host!”
John (Jack) N. Saddler, PhD FRSC, Professor of Forest Products Biotechnology/Bioenergy, University of British Columbia



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