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Time to register for the Nordic Pellets Conference!

Nordic Pellets Conference 2020, 4–5 February in Uppsala, will take an in-depth look into how pellets could play a significant role in the European Green Deal climate-neutral fossil-free 2050 aspirations by taking note of Nordic deployment and implementation.

Here are some of the speakers:

  • Klas Flygare from Setra Group Setra Group invest in pyrolysis production to be able to offset saw dust for bio fuel production. Will increased demand for saw dust jeopardize pellet industry raw material sourcing? How will the saw industry Setra act in years to come?
  • Tomas Isaksson from Stora Enso Timber, will give a perspective on developments on Pellets within Stora Enso and on market developments in Europe.
  • Christian Rakos, CEO from proPellets Austria, will give the picture on how the new Austrian government plan to change policy to promote the renewable heat market. He will also discuss pellet market development in Austria and South Europe.
Klas Flygare, Setra Group Tomas Isaksson, Stora Enso Timber, Christian Rakos, proPellets Austria

Klas Flygare, Setra Group, Tomas Isaksson, Stora Enso Timber and Christian Rakos, proPellets Austria.

The Nordic Pellets Conference is the best place for new business contacts in the Nordic region. All major players will be there!

Programme and registration



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