WBA Webinar: Large Pockets of Sustainable Biomass Revealed!

WBA Webinar: Large Pockets of Sustainable Biomass Revealed!


WBA is organizing a webinar – Where Are the Biomass Opportunities?

The webinar will be held on May 17th 2017 (14.00 – 16.00 UTC).

Registrants can either watch it live, or see a recorded version at a convenient time and date. The webinar shows registrants that sustainable biomass out there and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • See how 30-year-old sawmill residue piles can become the biomass equivalent of an “oil gusher”.  
  • Clearing 100,000 ha of encroaching Acacia Thornbush in Namibia can save the cheetah habitat, restore mixed woodland/savannah landscape, and create 100’s of jobs in a region of 60% unemployment.
  • See how dwindling supply of fresh sawmill bark allowed pellet producers to explore sustainable forest harvest residues, which Scandinavians have done for decades.
  • See how Sugar Cane Bagasse in Brazil can be re-directed into efficient bioenergy. 
  • See how hundreds of Chinese farmers earn much needed income by hauling excess agriculture biomass supply centres. 

 Some of the featured speakers include:

  • CHINA – Kelvin Hong, Chairman, Great Resources Group
  • AUSTRALIA – Andrew Lang – Vice President WBA
  • BRAZIL – Germano Vieira Aguia, Forest Director, Eldorado
  • NEW ZEALAND – Brian Cox, Exec Dir, Bioenergy Association of NZ  
  • CANADA – Douglas Bradley, President, Climate Change Solutions
  • NAMBIA – Dagmar Honsbein, Director, Namibia Biomass Industry Group
  • CANADA – Sylvie Fontaine, Exec Director, Hearst Economic Development 
  • BRAZIL – Zilmar de Souza, UNICA 

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