The Future of Liquid Biofuels (Webinar 2)

The Future of Liquid Biofuels (Webinar 2)


The transport sector is a critical pillar of modern societies. Millions of people and goods are transported around the world by various modes including road, rail, ships and flights. However, the current mobility system is highly unsustainable due to its heavy dependence on fossil fuels. The transport sector accounts for one fifth of global CO2 emissions and they grew the fastest among all end use sectors. Many efforts are underway to mitigate emissions from the transport sector and options include reducing energy consumption, alternative fuels and electrification.

Liquid biofuels are one of the most sustainable and renewable options for decarbonizing the transport sector. Sustainable production of liquid biofuels offers numerous benefits including improved health, lower emissions, jobs, and local economic development. In 2023, 170 billion litres of biofuels were produced including bioethanol, biodiesel, HVO diesel, marine and aviation fuels. In the future, biofuel demand is expected to increase by 23% reaching 200 billion litres by 2028.

As the world scales up the production of biofuels at pace, it is critical for stakeholders to discuss the challenges and opportunities for future biofuels growth. In cooperation with Bioenergy International, the World Bioenergy Association is pleased to organize our 2nd webinar of 2024: ‘The future of liquid biofuels’. The webinar will gather biofuel producers, consumers, technology developers and associations from around the world to share the latest data on development of the biofuels sector as well as updates on policies, technologies, regulations, feedstock and markets.

Participation is free of charge, but registration is mandatory.

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