ReGen Europe

ReGen Europe

ReGen Europe is a new exhibition dedicated to capturing energy and by-productsfrom solid biomass and waste resource streams.

 The calorific content of numerous resources such as residual agricultural wastes, msw, srf, dry sludge etc can be converted into energy via a range of technologies including anaerobic digestion, torrefaction, pyrolysis, pyrogasification, plasma processes etc. The resulting energy forms include heat, heat and power as well as biomethane through the methanation of syngas.

A broad programme for the two days including a rich international conference programme with simultaneous translationinternational business meetingsstudy tours, the innovation competition etc. and three parallel complimentary events for biomass energy and water treatment make ReGen Europe the unmissable meeting point for 2019 !

Key figures for the ReGen Europe 2019:

  • 40 exhibitors from all across Europe
  • 1 000 professional visitors over the two days

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