PALMEX Indonesia 2017

PALMEX Indonesia 2017

Igniting Sparks In Exhibitions

The exhibition will bring together at one place and time the leading executives from the international palm oil industry, hence providing unparalleled marketing and networking opportunities to its exhibitors and visitors! (85/200). The 9th PALMEX Indonesia 2017 is the only specialized palm oil event in Asia that brings together an international congregation of both upstream and downstream palm oil companies and also its supporting industries, gathered in the capital city of North Sumatra, Medan to showcase the latest developments in the palm oil industry.

Highlights of PALMEX Indonesia 2017

  • Palm Oil Networking Nite
  • Palm Oil Plantation & Processing Facility Visit
  • Palm Oil International Conference
  • Palm Oil Technology Seminars

Why Exhibit at PALMEX Indonesia 2017?

The Proven Track Record of the PALMEX Series

PALMEX Indonesia, PALMEX Malaysia, and PALMEX Thailand are all successful palm oil events that are well known among professionals working in palm oil industry, with each event drawing more than 5000 visitors. The majority of these visitors are important key players from the international palm oil industry. They come from countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, China, UK, Germany, Japan, Italy, as well as the Middle East region.

The events sold over 5000 sqm of space to more than 100 exhibitors originating from 19 different countries. The PALMEX series are hailed by professionals working in palm oil industry as one of the leading palm oil technology exhibitions in Asia.

The Only Palm Oil Exhibition in Asia that is Located in the City where the Palm Oil Industry is Concentrated

PALMEX Indonesia 2017 will bring together at one place and time the leading executives from the international palm oil industry. Medan – the city in which PALMEX Indonesia 2017 will be held – is the palm oil capital of Indonesia. The city is surrounded with the bustling palm oil activities in the North Sumatran region and occupies a vast 1.2 Million hectares* worth of Oil Palm plantations with a total production of three million tons per year in the form of CPO. As such, it isn’t hard to understand why PALMEX Indonesia 2017 will stand out as the palm oil exhibition tailored for the industry.

An Opportunity to Display Your Company’s New Technologies or Discoveries

We doubt there is a better way to introduce and educate the public about your new products, technologies or discoveries, than to exhibit at PALMEX Indonesia 2017! Especially because this event will rope in all major players, specialists, procurement managers, upstream producers and decision makers from the international palm oil industry.

Showcase Your Company’s Commitment towards Protecting the Environment

Numerous enviromental activists criticise mainstream palm oil businesses for not putting enough effort to preserve the sancity of the environment where those companies build their palm oil plantations. Through showcasing to the visitors at PALMEX Indonesia the stringent policies that your company implements to protect the environment, you can educate the regional and local public about your company’s corporate social responsibilty.

Indonesia’s Current Status as the World’s Leading Producer of Palm Oil

The recent rise of Indonesia’s ranking as the world’s leading producer of palm oil has opened up more opportunities for the palm oil businesses and its supporting industries to fulfill the ever increasing demand for palm oil. (426/1000)

*Information provided by the Indonesian Agriculture Deptartment.


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