Swedish Bioenergy Climate Solutions

The platform "Swedish Bioenergy Climate Solutions" is led by RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) in cooperation with SVEBIO (Swedish Bioenergy Association), Swedish Pellet Association and Skogforsk (the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden). The platform is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency. The aim of the project is to eventually create a permanent organization with responsibility for guiding the SME:s and other actors internationalization work in the field of bioenergy.

Swedish Bioenergy Climate Solutions

More than one third of all energy used in Sweden comes from biomass. Every fifth liter of vehicle fuel has renewable origin. Sweden is home to hundreds of companies and several research institutions that develop innovative bioenergy and biogas technologies for the future. The platform provides support for assessment of technology trends and market opportunities and establishing global contacts. Our experience ranges from small-scale to large-scale technologies.

The platform focuses on the following areas:

  • Technologies for forest fuel chains
  • Technologies for short rotation coppices
  • Technologies for pelletizing and alternative processing methods
  • Technologies for biomass-based heat and electricity production
  • Technologies for biogas

What does the platform offer?

  • Access to Swedish bioenergy and biogas know-how
  • Access to Swedish bioenergy and biogas technology
  • Access to information about European and Nordic standards, rules and regulations

How can a Bioenergy platform be a help?

  • The platform can provide general information and support regarding financing, business agreements, market analyzes and other conditions.
  • Activities in an innovation platform will be a facilitating tool to reach out internationally with Swedish technology, innovations and services in the bioenergy field.
  • The platform cannot finance individual companies, can assist in finding financing opportunities and guiding in the application process.
  • Arranging meetings for information and knowledge exchange and matchmaking activities.
  • Initiate proposals for collaboration groups with other Swedish parties and with local parties abroad.
  • Increase opportunities to come in with Swedish technology at an early stage in project planning.

The platform is looking for strong collaboration partners to develop business models and opportunities outside Sweden.

Are you interested?

Please contact the platform leader and senior researcher Susanne Paulrud, RISE,
susanne.paulrud@ri.se, +46 10 516 59 05 or 

Gustav Melin, Svebio, gustav.melin@svebio.se
Bengt-Erik Lövgren, PelletsFörbundet,  kansliet@pelletsförbundet.se
Maria Iwarsson Wide, Skogforsk, maria.iwarssonwide@skogforsk.se

Climate solutions

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