Documentation from NPC 2024

Documentation from the Nordic Pellets Conference 31 January to 1 February 2024 held in Malmö, Sweden. The documentation (pdf) will be available for download until June 20 2024. Please contact Svebio if you have any questions or need access after June, +46 (0)8-441 70 80,

Day 1

Day 2

Study tour 1: Ystad Bulk Terminal

Ystad Bulk Terminal is specialized in handling wood pellets but also handles other commodities such as grain, wood chips and fertilizer. The trading company CM Biomass and the forest industry group Södra are active at the Ystad Bulk Terminal.

During the site visit Mikael Ullman from CM Biomass made a general presentation of the terminal and the logistics of bulk products. Participants was also be guided on a tour in the terminal including a visit to the bagging facility from Fisker. CM Biomass made a presentation about the import and export of pellets via Ystad. Stefan Eksberg from Södra made a presentation of activities in the terminal from a Södra perspective. At the conference Viktor Smith, from CM Biomass made a presentation about the companies activities in a global perspective.

Study tour 2: NCC Industry asphalt plant in Södra Sandby is powered by pellets

NCC’s production method NCC Green Asphalt means that asphalt is produced at a lower temperature, using renewable fuels and recycled asphalt masses. This means reduced emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide compared to conventionally produced asphalt. With a high proportion of recycled asphalt and pellet-fuelled asphalt plants, CO2-emissions are reduced by 30 to 60 percent while still meeting the same requirements as conventional asphalt.

During the site visit Jörgen Magnusson, site manager from NCC Industry made a presentation of the production and experience of using pellets in asphalt production. At the conference Linda Löwhagen, technical environmental specialist, at NCC Industry made a presentation about the driving forces behind the conversion from fossil to renewable fuels in asphalt production.

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