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Voilá, the renewed Bioenergy International!

After much behind the scenes work the time has come to reveal some changes to Bioenergy International itself. The objective is to improve your reading experience of the publication which has remained almost the same since the first issue in 2001. Starting with this issue no. 1-2014 Bioenergy International has a new format and graphic style.

The heart and soul of Bioenergy International remains unchanged. We will continue with our “at the venue” coverage of bioenergy related events throughout the year. We will continue with our hands-on coverage from the field, forest, laboratory, project, plant or process. We will continue to cover the development of bioenergy around the world, the challenges and opportunities. In short we will continue to cover a fantastic story still very much in the making.

Bioenergy International is the world’s most widely read biomass to energy magazine. Published seven times a year, we strive to provide a comprehensive overview of who is doing what around the world giving priority to on-site coverage. We hope that you will join us in shaping the unwritten chapters ahead.

Enjoy your reading!

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Alan Sherrard, Dorota NatuckaJeanette Fogelmark and Xinyi Shen

Issue No 4-2014 (73), Released June. Free for Online reading.

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